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Website updates....

Removed language from join up page - GQ .
Posted updated club rules and bylaws. - GQ .
Added a clickable page navigation, increment to the home pae videos. ...[link]
Added a link to show additional videos to the bottom of page 1. ...[link]
Add local club contact information to the members only area. .
I have added a [NEW] image adjacent to the new links I post to the links page. As I add links, the [NEW] image will make the new links obvious.. ...[link]
Added a lost password feature to the member area log in page.. ...[link]
Added the neighboring events side banner back and added a twitter box to the bottom right. This is a java based aplet, so, may not leave it up.... ...[link]
Updated event search feature. Links at top for search by state. Searches current and following two months.. ...[link]
Set up a twitter account. Note sure how to make use of this, just yet. But will start working on that. See links on top left under Navigation. .
Added the giant scale balancing calculator.. enter weights and distances and it will tell you where your CG is relative to the leading edge and wing tube. Test it !. ...[link]
Added a weather app to the left side navigation bar... gives better wind data and forcasts. .
I added the url www.eutawvilleflyers.org and have it pointing to the eutawvillefliers.org website. Just in case anyone types the wrong address. Link points to http://www.eutawvilleflyers.org/. ...[link]
Added an - Add Event - feature to members area. Members can now post events that may not show up on the normal AMA schdule. If they are on the AMA schedule, no need to add them. .
The contact form works on the classifieds adds section.. test it if you would like.. ...[link]
Added local event banners to the events page. ...[link]
On Home page, removed the neighboring event banners and replaced that with a Picture of the Week.. will post interesting RC aircraft pictures.. ...[link]
Feature add, top of page picture/Header will change based on month/season. Dec example -->. ...[link]
Added facebook links to Neighboring Clubs. ...[link]
Added an event detail page. ...[link]
Added link to enlarged logo image. ...[link]
Revised the page top image with seasonal items .
Added a few additional hotel options under lodging. ...[link]
Updated links in Electric and Giant Scale Interest Group areas.. ...[link]
I added a rotating banner image at the top of the pages. A place to push events or whatever. Not sure I like it visually, but will give it some time. .
Worked more on the gallery section. Used the Flying Tigers event as a templete to work out picture links. Started a section on Tools.. more to follow on that.. ...[link]
Started laying out the gallery sections. In the end, it will scan the available photos and allow you to page through what is there. Upload more, they automatically show up.. ...[link]
Have started working on the private members area. If you have any thoughts and ideas about what you would like included in this area please let me know. . ...[link]
Added a auto search feature to the events file. If key words are in the listing, such as tigers, the website and facebook links are auto appended to the end of the listing.. ...[link]
Added a google map directions link from varying places surrounding the field. This shows up on the left side navigation bar and on several map related pages. ...[link]
Added a google calendar to the current events listing. This will have to be populated manually from the AMA events listing page.. ...[link]
Have posted random pictures and am not yet happy with the randomizing algorithm. Will continue to tweek this. Shoot me some images if you want them included.. ...[link]
Continue to work on the classified adds. Want this to be functional without it turning into to much of a programming issue. Will start with something simple and see how it works. If you have something you want listed, send that too me.. ...[link]
Added the neighboring RC club links. If you have a club that you would like added or notice a link I am missing, please let me know.. ...[link]
Added a facebook group page to make it easier for outside parties to post content. If you are on facebook, please join the group.. ...[link]

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The Eutawville Fliers welcomes members from all regions and neighboring areas. Our membership includes parties from all of the surrounding counties and municipatlies. These areas include Charleston, North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Daniel Island, Johns Island, James Island, Dorchester, Summerville, Hanahan, Moncks Corner, Holly Hill, St. George, Pineville, St. Stephens, Summerton, Santee, and Orangeburg just to name a few. Our events draw pilots from South Carolina as well as neighboring states to include North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida.

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